Banana Pancakes

Banana Pancakes = My Favorite [Paleo & Vegetarian]

Bummed after my Bacon Wrapped Disaster Dates I decided to make a breakfast that would be sure to lift my spirits – Banana Pancakes! Got this recipe from one of my dear friends while living in Amsterdam. Its inspiration? We were broke graduate students trying to stick to Paleo diets. For this delicious breakfast (lunch, dinner, snack, whenever you decide to eat it) you will need:

– 1 Egg
– 1 Banana

Like I said, this can easily be made on a graduate school income (a.k.a. NO income). Cut up the banana into little chunks (or if you’re too lazy in the morning coughlikemecough just break it apart with your fingers) and drop them into a blender. Add your egg. Now push the blend button. All done.


This will make about 6 mini pancakes. I use a bit of coconut oil (adds to the flavor) to fry them in the pan. They cook much faster than a normal pancake would, so keep an eye on them! That, ladies and gentlemen, is it!


Fabulous breakfast made in less than 10 minutes. You can get fancy with them by adding various items: dark chocolate bits, sun-butter, cinnamon, fruits, etc. Mmmm, leckerrrrrrr!

My Banana Pancakes definitely put a smile on my face before heading out to the CrossYoga session this morning, which was a total success. It was my first official yoga class and I loved it! It was not easy, no no, but that is exactly why I’m motivated to keep it up. After the yoga session everyone tried the various Paleo treats that were brought in and oh my word, a friend made a Chocolate Zucchini Cake – IT WAS DEVINE. Side note: I am obsessed with everything chocolate. Hardest thing to give up for Paleo. She gave me the recipe but I will be damned if I try it out before defeating The Teufel. I want it to be perfect!


Right. Time for me to snuggle on the couch, drink hot lemon water, and watch some sci-fi for the rest of my Sunday. NAMASTE.


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