Gruhnkohl and Roasted Chicken

Gruhnkohl and Roasted Chicken [Paleo]

During the week I always try and prepare my lunch the night before. Sometimes this doesn’t really work out. Case in point, I completely forgot to prepare anything Sunday night (to be fair I was still in Ommmm mode from my CrossYoga class – all I wanted to do was sleep) and ended up throwing things in a bag before running to catch the S Bahn Monday morning. So my breakfast and lunch consisted of the following:

ImageExcept, once I saw the picture I thought to myself “Um, wow. Way too much food.” So I left a nectarine and a fruit bar behind. I KNOW. IT MADE SUCH A DIFFERENCE. 

Let’s get to the focus of this post, my lunch for tomorrow. I decided to make something fairly easy and went for gruhnkohl (a.k.a. cooked kale) and roasted chicken. You will need:

– Chicken breasts
– Jar of gruhnkohl
– Spices (Whatever your little heart desires)
– Two onions

I should have used fresh kale and cooked it myself, however, I bought this jar of gruhnkohl before going Paleo again and it seemed like such a thing to waste. The ingredients were gruhnkohl, water and salt. So I poured the contents into a strainer and ran cold water over the gruhkohl for about 2 minutes. Dumped it in a pan with water that was about 1/2 an inch high and set my stove on medium heat. 

ImageWhile it simmered, I chopped my onions up and chose my spices. Tonight I went with ginger, chili powder and garlic powder.

ImageJust add those to your pot of gruhnkohl and stir until everything is heated up. I make the gruhnkohl first because its super quick and now the spices can really soak into your gruhnkohl while you make the chicken. Mmmmmmm. For the chicken, I slapped the uncooked chicken breasts onto some wax paper, covered them in spices (parsley, chili powder, garlic powder, and ginger) and stuck them in The Teufel. I had The Teufel set to 5. *See previous posts about the dreaded Teufel.

ImageAfter about 15-20 minutes I flipped the chicken over, re-spiced, and let them sit in the oven for an additional 15 minutes. 

ImageThe chicken was so juicy! Added to the gruhnkohl I had a perfect little dinner.

ImageThe rest has been stored away to have as lunch and dinner for the next couple of days!  Time for me to hit the sack so I can dream about eating this tomorrow. 


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