Stay Tuned

Don’t worry, I haven’t forgotten about my blog!

My reasons for procrastinating?

  • December birthday celebrations.
  • Work dinner with the Ambassador of Kenya to the Federal Republic of Germany.
  • Friend’s concert in a “secret” location. Seriously. We weren’t given the details until the night before. I AM SO EXCITED.
  • More December birthday celebrations. What can I say? All the best individuals are born in December. *hint hint*
  • Helping my CF box move to its new location!

I will be sure to blog about the events and post an entry for each Paleo meal I’ve made this week.Teaser: Tonight I made a yummy baba ganoush eggplant dip, roasted cauliflower, mini bratwurst and a gigantic salad. DELISH.

So stay tuned! I’ll be back soon! For the time being I leave you with this incredible tune. Be sure to turn up the speakers.


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