Cocoa Banana Pancakes

Cocoa Banana Pancakes [Paleo & Vegetarian]

Remember I wrote you can easily spruce up my quick Banana Pancake recipe? Well that’s exactly what I did this morning! Needed all the energy I could muster to help Spree CrossFit move to its new location! For these Cocoa Banana Pancakes I used:

– 2 Bananas (I was hungry)
– 1 egg
– Olive Oil
– Cashew Butter
– Sun Butter
– Cinnamon
– Sugar Free Cocoa Powder (not pictured!)

ImageIt was only right before blending that I had the brilliant idea to add some of the new sugar free cocoa powder I purchased for a recipe I want to try tomorrow. AND OMG TALK ABOUT A STROKE OF GENIUS.


ImagePretty sure I’ve mentioned before that I am a chocolate fiend – it is definitely the hardest thing for me to give up for Paleo. However, there are ways to satisfy my craving. This is one of them.

ImageAgain, this entire recipe takes about 10 minutes in total to prepare & cook. Once my mini pancakes were done I slathered cashew butter between some and sun butter (which I just received in the mail from my beautiful Mutti!) between others. The end result was this.

ImageMy breakfast was divine. Had more than enough energy to help with the move this afternoon. It was a success! The new location is great!


I’ve blogged previously about a CrossYoga session Spree Crossfit hosted. Well, good news for any of you living in Berlin – it’s becoming a permanent thing! Yay for Yoga Sundays! If you’re new to Berlin and in the search for a new gym & new friends definitely come check Spree CrossFit out!


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