Life in Berlin!

Coconut Oil Hair Mask, Ambassador’s Dinner & Secret Venues!

See? Told you I would have to stray from strict posts about food at some point. Well here’s the first one. I feel I owe this one in explanation for why I’ve been awful at keeping my blog updated throughout this past week. So here goes!

First up, Sunday night I decided to finally try out a Coconut Oil Hair Mask. I’d been reading up on hair treatments online for a while because as you know from my first blog post – my hair has taken quite the beating recently. Since I’d just purchased some fantastic organic coconut oil I figured I’d give this a shot. I used this great blog post to help me through the process!

ImageOMG ya’ll. OH. MY. GOD. My hair hasn’t been this soft since Summer 2012 when I was nice and healthy. Like, OMG. Added plus? (I know, like you even need one.) IT SMELLED SO DELICIOUS. I left my mask on for two hours while I was doing things around the house. I’ve read on other blogs that you can even leave the mask on overnight – that would probably be best for any of you with long luscious locks. As I’ve recently chopped most of my hair off (plus my hair is naturally thin) two hours was all I needed. Seriously though, if you’re in cold weather (like me) and you need an extra kick for your hair – DO THIS. Men and women!

Next up, the Ambassador’s Dinner. One of our students happens to be the son of the Ambassador of Kenya to the Federal Republic of Germany and extended an invitation for the dinner to the director of our school, some of the administration and some faculty members. The dinner was in celebration of Kenya’s 50th Independence Day. Such a beautiful occasion! We entered a super ritzy hotel, had our coats checked,  were greeted by the Ambassador, had our picture taken, and were handed glasses of wine (needless to say, I felt like a star). After some time, however, I realized everyone at this fancy dinner held their glasses daintily by the stem, meanwhile there I was gripping mine like a university student in a cheap bar on a Thursday night (I guess old habits die hard). I kept squealing in delight as all of the politicians wives entered in beautiful traditional Kenyan dresses. GORGEOUS.


(Ambassador being presented with a cake from the German Embassy!)



The entire event was fantastic! The Ambassador gave a moving speech, there was a live band, the food was UNREAL, and then everyone got up to dance! Oh and as you can see Peter freaking Eigen sat at our table. I shook his hand. Be jealous.

I left the event after a couple of hours to meet up with a friend and set out on another adventure for the night – searching for the secret venue of a mutual friend’s performance. That’s right. Secret venue. The Carmen Sandiego in me did a little dance when presented with this task. We were given the address the night before the performance, however, when we arrived, we were on a tiny street filled with abandoned buildings. Great. After poking around and trying various door handles, we finally got a huge iron gate to open. After a bit of walking we discovered candles lit along the path and knew we were headed in the right direction. Entered a side door and discovered this extremely magical place:


(Magical room! With free champagne!)


(Incredible venue! There are the band members below – banjo, cello & guitar!)


(I fell in love with the disco “ball”.)

Seriously? I love Berlin. Like, love it. The band was incredible as well, its just a shame that this particular venue was more about the food than the music. Can’t wait to see Hungerhoff & The Wild Roots perform properly!


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